Self Portrait Still

I still don’t know what to call this body of work that I plan on working with for a while.  They are self portraits because I’m taking them of myself, but at the same time they aren’t me… I’m portraying something that isn’t quite me.  It’s fiction.  Fictional Self Portrait Still? Not sure, I’ll keep … More Self Portrait Still

That’s not me

Before I graduated from school (4 years ago now, jeez…) I was regularly taking “movie still” portraits. Inspired both by Cindy Sherman and Gregory Crewdson naturally. I’ve decided to start taking them again, because I want to and I love the outcome. Here is my first in a long time: While this is very dreamlike, … More That’s not me

Dog Model

Before we even got this crazy dog I knew I wanted to teach her to model for me.  It’s been over two years now and I finally have had time to start working on that.  She is incredibly smart and that makes me one lucky dog mama. I’ve been teaching her to “freeze” since this … More Dog Model

2015 Week 15

This year has gone by so fast already, I can’t believe it’s a third over already. I’m determined to continue to live as much as possible! I took these photos on Tuesday April, 14th. I took a nice long hike through Purgatory Chasm in Massachusetts. Earlier in the day my friend and I took our … More 2015 Week 15

rocks in water

I’ve been in a slumpy mood since I’ve been back from vacation. I tried to get out of it by taking photos outside on Easter Sunday, but quickly gave up. I felt that what I was doing was very repetitive, I’ve taken these same photos so many times. Rocks in water, so pretty, but can’t … More rocks in water

California Adventure

Last Sunday (March 22nd) one of my best friends and I took off on an adventure, a photography adventure!  We returned to Connecticut yesterday, but unfortunately our film stayed in CA.  We are having it shipped here, hopefully it will be back for processing soon.  We primarily shot with film, but here are a few … More California Adventure