Camera Review: Fuji Instax 210

Good day, everyone!
Today I’m introducing my first camera review. The first of a few new features that I’m looking forward to installing this month. (Insert excited face emoji here).

I’m still not sure if I want to use the word “review” to describe this post, but I’m going to use it for lack of a better term.  I’m going to briefly go over the camera functions and share images taken with different settings.

Here’s the camera I’m going to talk about today, the Fuji Instax 210 also known as the Instax Wide:

fujiinstax_210_004I received this camera over a year ago from my friend Abi (her blog is here). I used it the winter I got it and recently, other than that I have not used it much. I’m looking forward to changing that soon! Here are some pictures that I shot with it the winter I got the camera: 1401_f220_001c


I really love all of the texture and warm colors that I got in those shots above. Warm tones over a snowy scene are great. The only issue with these photos (taken in January of 2014) is that I don’t remember what settings the camera was in.

Here are some pictures that I took the other day in the yard. In normal exposure and I covered the flash just in case it would go off:

The Shop 3m- infinity
Gracie .9m-3m

My favorite thing about this camera is it’s versatility.  For an inexpensive new instant camera it has enough settings for the photographer to actually take control and achieve the image they desire.  Unlike the Instax Mini you can change the focal range.  Unlike the Polaroid SX-70 I reviewed last month you won’t get blurry images because the shutter won’t go lower than 1/64 that’s a 64th of a second!

The shutter speed on this camera automatically sets depending on the environment, but the photographer does have the exposure compensation to use (similar to the knob on the Polaroid Sx-70).  This lets you set the camera to Normal, Lighten or Darken the image depending on the lighting situation.  Here’s an example of what that does:

instaxwide_gracie001Normal- instaxwide_gracie002


The difference between the Lighten and Darken is pretty awesome. Clearly the Lighten is ideal for this situation (light source is behind the subject). If the light source was more direct and there was also a light background then the Darken setting would have been better.

These are all the images I have to share for now, but I’m looking forward to buying more film and trying out the close up filter!

Hope this was helpful or at least interesting!


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