Self Portrait Still

I still don’t know what to call this body of work that I plan on working with for a while.  They are self portraits because I’m taking them of myself, but at the same time they aren’t me… I’m portraying something that isn’t quite me.  It’s fiction.  Fictional Self Portrait Still? Not sure, I’ll keep working on it, haha.

Anyway, here is my next image in the series, it also has two dogs, I did not intend to leave both in the image, but I like the movement that they give together.


Here is the version with only one dog:


What do you think, one or two dogs? Please let me know!

I’m actually watching the trees move above me in this shot, it was very calming seeing them move so much and trusting that they would not fall down on me!  So is this at all convincing, do I look like I’m comfortable on that rock?

Another little tidbit is that Gracie actually found a children’s basketball out in the woods while I was taking these, I had to edit it out.  And it took all of her attention away from me, haha. It was pretty difficult getting her to retrieve my boots after she found that ball.

I’d love some feedback 🙂



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