Polaroid SX-70 Box Type 1000


This is the second polaroid camera that I have to review. I shot Impossible Project film (type sx-70 color) with this camera in the past week. This was my first time using the Impossible Project film!  Below are 7 of the 8 photos that I took with the pack of film that I bought.







I really enjoyed using this camera, probably more than I enjoyed the ProPack. It was really nice to have no real control or idea of how these photos would turn out. I took most on the darker side (by 1.5 stops) after I saw how light the images were first coming out. Also after seeing my 1st blurry tree I thought if I thought if I made it darker it would need less exposure time, not really realizing that I was probably controlling the aperture with the knob, not the exposure time. ANYWAY in the end it was nice to give up control and just hope for the best.

You can orrder a tripod mount and cable relase for this camera, though I don’t think I will. Perhaps if I try another pack I’ll put the camera on a stable surface and see if that makes a difference.

Just after taking the picture of the pond I saw  real life beaver and I just have to mention that because it was pretty exciting!  I was bummed that I didn’t have a different camera to capture it with.

This last picture of the peonies is blurry and I realized after I took it that I was about a foot to close to them for it to come out correctly.

Gracie on a stump is going to become my go to photo to capture with all of my vintage cameras, this shot is my favorite out of the whole pack.

A note on development; I carried the film box and black film cover that came out of the pack while I was shooting.  I immediately covered the image and stuck it in my box.  I let my images develop for at least a half-hour before taking them out 🙂

I can’t wait to try out more impossible film and other polaroid cameras.  Please leave me a link if you have any recent photo work.  I love discovering new things!



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