Polaroid ProPack


Super excited to finally have another vintage camera to review on the good old blog. I bought a lot of vintage polaroids a few months back, this is the first one that I’ve cleaned up and used to far.

Here are some of the pictures that I captured off of a pack of film:

Iris’ in my garden. As you can see it’s pretty hard to focus correctly, but I like the feeling I’m getting in this image. ย You can see everything moving in the morning breeze.


These two are double exposures that I took just yesterday. You can see Gracie in the first one in the center of the image. She’s shaking her coat out. ย This second double exposure is my favorite.
I know the dust is AWFUL here, my scanner is clean but I left the image out for a few days and this is what happened :[

These final images are examples of the extreme difference you can get if you “lighten” or “darken” an image. These were taken during the same time frame on the same stump, same amount of light in both.

All in all I enjoyed working with this camera. It’s very easy to use and you get very soft images which I like. The “regular” exposure mark works well outside, I used it for the first photo of the Iris’.

The only problem I had using this camera was my own fault. I mistakenly put in nearly dead AA batteries, and they died halfway through the pack, giving me a black image. To fix this I just vigorously shook the camera to give the batteries enough life for the last few images. I should really start throwing batteries away when they are dead instead of laying them around… maybe I’ll invest in some rechargeable ones instead.
I briefly thought of putting the camera in a changing bag to change the batteries without ruining the film, but I wasn’t sure if I could correctly reload it (with the pull tabs in the right place). If you have experience changing film mid-roll using a changing bag please tell me about your experience.

Have you ever used this camera? Please share! A part of me wants to buy another pack of film to use with it and the other part of me wants to sell it online so that I can raise funds to buy a new lens for my Mamiya TLR.


2 thoughts on “Polaroid ProPack

  1. Woah! These photos are SO awesome! I had a Polaroid when I was a teenager, but haven’t used one in ages. I love the way your double exposures turned out and that darker image of your dog is beautiful. I think the darkness and dust specks give it mystery and charm-which is awesome. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see your next round of Polaroid photos!


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