That’s not me

Before I graduated from school (4 years ago now, jeez…) I was regularly taking “movie still” portraits. Inspired both by Cindy Sherman and Gregory Crewdson naturally.

I’ve decided to start taking them again, because I want to and I love the outcome. Here is my first in a long time:


While this is very dreamlike, it’s also a little too photoshopped to seem like a still, so here is another without the edited background:

doubledog1Which one do you prefer, edited background or not?

I also only have one dog, can you tell which one was in the original photo? If you can’t I guess that means my PS skills are not as rusty as I thought! haha.



5 thoughts on “That’s not me

  1. Nooo I read the comment above! Spoiler! šŸ˜€ However I would choose the dog on the right, seriously. I like the ‘movie still’ effect of the first photo! #DaringCreative


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