California Adventure: Imperial Beach

Here is another set of photos that I took while in California last month. Nicki and I got up early to try and catch the sunrise and early light at the beach.  The only editing I did on these was to remove dust and combine the second image.  We were out there for over an hour and shot a few rolls each.  The length of time that we were out there explains the variation of color in these.  They aren’t in order of being shot.






These were all taken with my Nikon fg on Kodak Ultramax 400.
More can be found on my flickr and here is a link to my previous CA posts.

In other news I recently acquired even more cameras.  It’s time to start selling and using these things.  I’m going to be doing a giveaway on Instagram for Polaroid J66.  Unfortunately you can’t buy film for it, but there are a few ways to use it if you are a film nerd like I am.  That will probably be happening next week.  This week I need to focus on photographing and getting a few of these up on etsy.

I hope to share more film soon.



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