Argus c3 Match-Matic: COLOR

I have been slowly scanning in film, and I’m so glad that I found the color roll that I shot with the Argus c3. I was actually quite nervous and running around the house looking through drawers because I thought I had lost the roll. I could have sworn that I labeled it with a Sharpie. Turns out I didn’t and it was with the film I brought in.



These first two were using a longer exposure, and clearly the shutter sticks on the longer setting. I was also using 200 speed film, and needed the longer exposure inside. I did get some pretty cool shots, but not what I was going for.





(shot with Kodak Gold 200)

I must admit that I am incredibly impressed by how well these last photos came out. I really can’t believe that these were shot on this old vintage camera! The focusing is great, though it is a rangefinder. I’ve only used one other rangefinder, and I don’t recall the images coming out this well. (I did shoot another roll on said rangefinder recently, to be scanned soon!)

Here is a link to my previous blog post about the Argus c3.

Now to finish ย scanning this roll, and get ready for work!



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