California Adventure

Last Sunday (March 22nd) one of my best friends and I took off on an adventure, a photography adventure!  We returned to Connecticut yesterday, but unfortunately our film stayed in CA.  We are having it shipped here, hopefully it will be back for processing soon.  We primarily shot with film, but here are a few digital images that I took during the first few days.







I took all of these with my Canon s90, the top photo is a photomerge.  I love the details in all of these, the car shadow in this last one, and those little geese in the one above.  The perfect line made by the sunrise in the 4th down!  The perfectly manicured flowers in CA always crack me up as well.

I shot so much film with my Nikon Fg and I tried out another vintage camera, a Kodak Retina iif.  I’m hoping that film will be in this week so that I can have it developed soon.

As usual you can check out a few more photos here.



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