Found Film: Camping in Barkhamsted

I found this film in my Nikon Fg a few weeks ago.  It had been so long since I’d shot with it that I really didn’t remember when I took it!  It makes developing film all that more exciting, doesn’t it?

Here are some photos from that mystery roll (warning, most of them are of my dog):









I don’t usually post this many pictures in one shot, but I can’t help it!  This last one is my favorite the soft little shadows make me so happy, the softness in the little flowers by the dogs feet as well.  Such softness next to such insanity.  I haven’t edited any of these, I think I might try and make those flowers a little less blown out.

Also I love the bark in the tree shot, I take so many photos of trees that I should really put them all together in some way.

I really want to start printing all of these and creating a physical album, though I don’t have space for a printing darkroom at the moment.  That’s one thing that I will be working on this spring/summer.



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