Self Portraits: Part 2

Here are two more self-portraits that I took this month:

IMG_0482 copy

This first one was a just for fun photo that I took while I was outside waiting. It indeed took me a while to get up after this, and I got snow in all of my pockets. This is also cropped to cut out the trashcan that was right next to me.


This is my favorite photo all month! I just took it today. I’m pretty proud of myself for this one, I thought of the idea and gave myself a few reasons not to do it (Gracie knocking over the tripod & camera being one). I did it anyway and I think it’s great.  Just a little bit of a creepy/weird factor and I love that.

All in all I took many self portraits and have 6 final images.  Not too bad for month one, but I want to do more in Feb!  This is pushing me to be creative and that is just what I need.



3 thoughts on “Self Portraits: Part 2

  1. What a fun project! I hate being in front of the camera, myself, but something like this that is more about creativity rather than selfies seems like a great idea.


  2. So fun! I really need to work on being in photos, I’m great at taking shots of my kids but setting up my tripod seems like a hassle- good for you for just doing it!

    Visiting from the Daring Creatives- xo


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