2015: Week 4

This photo sums up week 4:IMG_0457

This week was full of Gracie, yummy Brioche, lots of firewood, knitting, and pills (bleh).  Thankfully the pills are finally over, not thankfully the Brioche is gone.  I really need to learn how to make it, it’s delicious!

IMG_0475 copy copy

I realize that the white balance is totally off here, but  it’s better than the original, and isn’t she a cute snow creature?  Gracie LOVES running through the snow, it makes me laugh.  It’s also great because it takes her longer to find the ball AND she gets tired faster.  A win win.  In this photo I was shoveling the driveway while playing fetch.


A beautiful snowy landscape.IMG_0460

If you can’t already tell this week we got hit with a ton of snow!  I took a photo of every window on the first floor (this is my favorite).  I’ll put them up together soon.

Some things on my to do list that got done:

-Purge emails (I deleted over 7,000 ACK)

-Find similar souls online (I’m quite proud of myself for actually stepping out of my little box on this one!)

Things I need to do next week:

-Charge camera batteries (all of them)

-Refresh memory cards


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