2015: Week 1

More to Come 2015
Giant Slick 2015


Snow Soccer 2015



We’ve been in our house for 7 months now, only one more season that we have yet to experience, and I can’t wait (spring!).  So far this year there has been lots of work, our home is almost completely drywalled.

As you can see we are also still in the process of unpacking.  I don’t think we will be fully unpacked until the house is closer to… completion.  I hesitate to use that word because I don’t think it will ever be complete.  I love the single lightbulb hanging out on the top of my first photo.

Lastly, Gracie and I have been having fun playing soccer in the snow.  This dog does not care what the weather is like, she must play!

Do you have a photo blog or something similar? Please link, I’d love to see!


ps-  All photos are shot with a Canon s90, I have yet to use my DSLR this year.


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