2015 Photography Goals

The holidays are over, and it’s no longer below zero, time to get back to work!

It was so cold in our house that the past two nights we slept on the pullout next to the stove.  I was so inspired to work, but it was just too cold to do anything but watch tv and knit.  (I’m so excited that Downton Abbey is finally back and I’m halfway done with a mitten).

I have had time to come up with some things that I want to accomplish this year, in the photography world that is…

Photograph daily.

I don’t want to take just one, I want to take at least one, in whatever way I can.  You can’t be happy unless you do what makes you happy, right?


I was very into processing my own film and printing in my at home darkroom in the past, unfortunately 2014 was not a filmy year.  I have lost the darkroom in a move I made this year, and don’t really have a place for it.  This may change soon, and I could always develop and scan negatives.


I haven’t been in a show since I graduated from University, this NEEDS to happen.  It really depends on this next goal…


I want to work on a project, on projects.  I want to put together a body of work so that I can enter a show.  Art portfolio, yes please.

Time Lapse.

I’m constantly thinking of time lapse photography.  It’s time to get out of my brain and do it!  Starting tomorrow.


I need to work on marketing Treehouse Imagery and shoot at least 3 weddings this year.  Book 5 for 2016.

Now that I’ve typed this out it seems very daunting.  Mainly because I’m afraid of failure and I have no idea how to go about most of it.  Here’s to making it all happen in 2015!


I’ll leave you with a few from some work that I did one year ago, developed in my own bathroom.



Tri-X 400; Nikon fg



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