Back in the Swing of Things

Welcome to our new blog! I am very excited about pursuing a blog for Treehouse Imagery, and I’m sure Abi is as well.  We have many things planned for this that we are very excited about .  This new year is going to be full of all things photography and we can’t wait to get started.

A little about us:  Abi and I formed Treehouse Imagery earlier this year (2014) we are a photography duo based in New England.  Our main subjects are weddings, portraits, and commercial work.  We are both trained as artists and strive to bring that into every photoshoot.

A little about the blog:  Though we love the work we do we want the blog to be more focused on the ART of photography.  We will of course share work that we do for clients, but we want the focus to be more on our personal work and “DIY” photo projects.  From the darkroom to digital.  Vintage camera reviews and more!

Hiking with Sophia 016

Hiking with Sophia by Abigail DeRosa


2 thoughts on “Back in the Swing of Things

  1. Hi there! I’m a friend of Abi’s and I like blogs, so I think this is great! You guys do great work. But what is YOUR name? I don’t see it anywhere…



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