Self Portrait Still

I still don’t know what to call this body of work that I plan on working with for a while.  They are self portraits because I’m taking them of myself, but at the same time they aren’t me… I’m portraying something that isn’t quite me.  It’s fiction.  Fictional Self Portrait Still? Not sure, I’ll keep … More Self Portrait Still

Polaroid ProPack

Super excited to finally have another vintage camera to review on the good old blog. I bought a lot of vintage polaroids a few months back, this is the first one that I’ve cleaned up and used to far. Here are some of the pictures that I captured off of a pack of film: Iris’ … More Polaroid ProPack

That’s not me

Before I graduated from school (4 years ago now, jeez…) I was regularly taking “movie still” portraits. Inspired both by Cindy Sherman and Gregory Crewdson naturally. I’ve decided to start taking them again, because I want to and I love the outcome. Here is my first in a long time: While this is very dreamlike, … More That’s not me